New Theme is Here!!!

After far far too long (my bad), the Ubuntu Forums has a theme that matches the Ubuntu branding.

The new look of

To use the new theme, select Ubuntu from the selection box on the lower left hand corner of any forums page. I hope to see it as the default theme soon.

We will still looking at upgrading the forums to the vB4 series, which has a mobile theme that will be a great benefit to our users, plus other new features.

Thank everyone for there patience, and if you find a bug in the new theme be sure to file a bug.

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  • Dylan McCall says:

    That looks nice. Good job.

    Just one comment from playing with it for a little while: that “Go” button beside the search field is _weird_. It grabs a lot of attention, it doesn’t seem consistent with other sites, and it looks exactly like Ask Ubuntu’s logo. It’s also misaligned with Firefox 12 in Ubuntu 12.04: The misalignment is probably more the text field than the button. A good way to fix it is usually a container whose height depends on the text field, with a background-image and background-align:center for the search button.

    Have you looked at, perhaps, the style used for search on It seems a little less busy to me.

    Okay, while I’m at it I’d like to caution against the abundance of dotted background image at the moment. Are you able to use a solid colour, or a different background image, within the forum content? Right now the dense dot pattern pokes through all over the site, including between posts. Here’s an example of where it bothers me:

    I’m excited to see this moving. Good luck getting it finished!

  • Fitoschido says:

    The Ubuntu Forums logo doesn’t seem to respect the guidelines. Please check to create an appropiate logo.

  • Marcus says:

    It would be great if the header (with the ubuntu logo) would have the same width as the rest of the site.

    Also, the search ‘Go’ Button overlaps the ‘ubuntu help’ text.

  • Mike says:

    You guys can point me in the CSS I will be glad to look at this problems.

  • matthew says:

    I like it! Thanks for all your hard work on this.

  • Fitoschido says:

    Look! I’ve just created a replacement logo for the UF’s header:

    I tweaked slightly the tracking of the characters, and the ? part is the official one.