UDS-Jaunty: Join the Fun

The Ubuntu Developer Summit for Jaunty Jackalope is starting today (Dec 8, 2008) and going though Friday (Dec 12, 2008) at the Google Campus in Mountain View, CA. UDS is where Developers and the community get together and discuss the planned feature and improvements for the next version of Ubuntu Linux.

We have created many ways to follow the happens at the summit and to contribute comments and ideas to people at the summit.

1. The Scoop: The Ubuntu Wiki is the main source for the happen happens at the summit (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS). Any news and changes will be posted there.

2. Schedule: The schedule for the summit can be found at http://summit.ubuntu.com. On the schedule you will be able to find links to the live audio/video streams from the conference and how to VoIP into the discussions.

3. Audio Live Stream : Listen to the live audio stream of the tracks at http://icecast.ubuntu.com/.

4. Micro-blogging: You can follow the feeds of the different tracks and people at UDS (http://whoisi.com/e/uds-jaunty). Or you can follow http://identi.ca/ubuntudevelopers RSS Feed.

5. IRC: Join the channel #ubuntu-devel-summit or #uds on the Freenode IRC network (chat.freenode.net).

6. The Planet: Planet Ubuntu (http://planet.ubuntu.com) aggregates feeds of Ubuntu Member. The Planet will have a ton of information on UDS and plans for Jaunty.

7. Forums: People from the summit will be following thread in the Jaunty Jackalope Testing and Discussion forum. Use the tag of UDS in the forums if you make a thread about the summit.

Please join in the fun, and help make Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Rock!!!

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